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Relying Parties Stakeholder Delegate
Candidate Statement

Ann Racuya-Robbins  LinkedIn

February 13,  2015

The last goal of good neighbors when human attributes are the new money is to advise your friends, family and community to hold on to your human attributes, to ask hard questions when entities want them including requiring an informed valuation of what they are worth in dollars and sense and before you let them go. Like my neighbor in the timberland of Washington that gives her son a patch of land and counsels him not to sell off the timber for quick cash which will make the land barren for years and lose its value.

Today many of us in the Relying Party role are working make the value of human attributes clear because we believe that the more just and generous a system is the more wealth is created broadly speaking. We are ready to stand up for a new justice and generosity by more deeply valuing the attributes, dynamics and creativity of each individual life. By human creativity I mean human attributes in motion. Many of us are ready to enable individual human creativity to endure and realize the largest share of the wealth an individual’s attributes at rest and in motion generates. We believe that these values are deeply aligned with the NSTIC Strategy and make the realization of NSTIC real for more people.

My goal as the Relying Parties Stakeholder Delegate for the IDESG is to represent and speak out for a new kind of relying party based on new principles of organization and new metrics of trust based on human rights to wholeness and dignity. Rather than seeing human beings as attribute providers that can be monetized and turned into money, the vast majority of which often goes to third parties, these new enterprises achieve value by increasing the capability of the human users in the enterprise. This is a new field for innovation and opportunity.

Image by Ann Racuya-Robbins Copyright 2012
Social Cooperation and Privacy

The internet and cyberspace in general is the great enabler of our time. Not the least of the things it enables is a profusion of new systems creation each with new language. Sometimes this new language is a mapping from one set or system of thoughts to another, even an appropriation of a common term into an information science term with special meaning. In cyberspace and the internet the translation key often lies buried deep in the underlying computing soft/hard/firm protocol.

The term relying party is one of the terms from the emergent identity system of thought. Privacy is another of those terms. Among the reasons privacy is so important in the identity system of thought is that without privacy the vast wealth of individual human attributes and creativity will be transferred to third parties for their benefit and not for the benefit of the individuals’ from whom the creativity emerged. There are new organizational structures designed specifically to support and protect human attributes and creativity.