Enhancing Human Trust Experience in Committee meetings

Remedies to Delaying and Obfuscation

based on my own personal experience at the IDESG TFTM meetings

  • Issues for Discussion should be dated when they arrive and are posted.
  • A discussion in the committee should be scheduled within 60 days or some other reasonable amount of time.
  • Detailed minutes should be taken and a standard call for approval minutes should be issued in meetings.
  • TFTM has again gone back to intermittent call for corrections to the minutes and minutes are often late.
  •  The code of conduct should include a provision that meetings must be recorded when repeated and flagrant disregard is evidenced and reported.
  •  I said in a recent meeting that if I was treated like this in a work place I would call IDESG a hostile work environment. I stand by that. This should be corrected at the earliest possible date.
  •  If recording meetings does not reduce or eliminate this problem, a civil rights and fairness-in-the-volunteer-work-place professional should be called in to observe and re-mediate.