Data Ownership in Big Data

Data is emergent—appears—from any subject.

The subject does not require engineering for data to appear.

In this way it can be said that the subject is the a priori necessary and sufficient condition, the cause of data. That is, data owes its existence to the data subject. The subject’s existential value is expressed and stored in data. In this way data ownership lies existentially in the data subject.

Data emergent and apparent from a subject is the primary common attribute among all subjects. The emergent appearance of data from any subject is more or less a priori compelling for any other subject. Each datum and the emergent data from a subject is existentially valuable to the subject itself.

The stored value of data is realized through—is inculcated in—the understanding and well-being of subjects. The subject’s well-being can be measured through economic, social, physical and many other beneficial attributes.

Since the subject is the cause of the data the subject must needs be the primary but not the sole or exclusive beneficiary owner of the data.

Devices require purpose driven engineering to interact with data from subjects.